Create a New Reality with the Power of Hypnosis!

     Do you ever wonder how some people can lose weight, quit smoking and make other positive changes so quickly and easily?  It’s because they know how to access their inner potentials.  Hypnosis enables you to tap into these powerful subconscious resources.

A hypnosis session is a specialized conversation that alters your perceptions and boosts your motivation.   But there are no swinging pocket watches or commands to ‘Sleep!’  You remain awake, alert and in control—able hear, speak, move around and think.

As we talk,  your attention gets focused in a special way that brings your inner potentials to the surface.  Soon, the solutions you’ve been searching for begin emerge from your own mind, as you develop new understandings and a fresh perspective.

Start utilizing your inner potentials now with the power of hypnosis!  I’ll be happy to answer your questions about hypnosis candidly and without obligation.  Sessions are available in my office, on the telephone, or by video conferencing from your home or any other comfortable setting.

Fred Kutchins, CH


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